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Mommy “Me Time”

This past weekend my husband and I ventured up to Chicago to visit friends. I wanted to go to Chicago but I was dreading all the work that went into such a trip. My wonderful parents agreed to watch my almost one year old daughter so we drove 4 hours to the upstate and flew out of GSP. I am the type of person that often ducks out of things in order to keep life simple (or I try). So I was thinking I would stay at home with my daughter and let my husband have a weekend away. AND….

I AM SO GLAD THAT I WENT. We had an amazing time on our trip and I didn’t realize how much a needed a break until I had one. I was able to drink my coffee before it got cold, sleep in, stay out late and feel like an independent person again. I feel like having a weekend away really energized me. So now I can put that new found energy into parenting. I truly believe that taking time for yourself makes you a better parent.

I know that a weekend away may not be possible but try to carve out some “you” time. Take a walk, a yoga class or go to lunch with friends. A happy mom is key! No guilt required!


What’s your favorite way to spend “me time” ?

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