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St. Patrick’s Day To-Do List

Oh St. Patrick’s Day…how I used to really love you. Like, “walk to the bar at 9 am for their first pour of Guinness” love you, you know what I mean?

And then I had kids and my way of celebrating this holiday totally changed. Instead of drinking green beer, we put a drop of green food coloring in my little boy’s milk. Instead of late night pizza after the bar closes, we enjoyed a sit down corned beef and cabbage dinner with our neighbors.

While a St. Patrick’s Day with kids is much more low-key than March 17th’s of the past, it can still be super fun! Plus ,you probably won’t wake up with a hangover. Here’s a little St. Patrick’s Day to-do list for celebrating the holiday with your kids this year.

  1. To Make: Green and Gold Liquid Starch Slime! This is so easy and fun. Mix together ½ cup of washable glue with ½ cup of water. Add in glitter and food coloring and mix in ½ cup liquid starch. It will begin to turn to slime as soon as the starch gets added in and within 15 minutes of playing with it, you’ll have smooth slime to play with!

St. Patrick's Day To-Do List

2. To Eat: Irish Soda Bread. My husband and I always make corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day (which is delicious and pretty dang easy) but I’ve always had a hard time finding a good recipe for Irish Soda Bread to accompany our meal. We made this version last year and it was a hit!

St. Patrick's Day To-Do List

3. To Drink: How about a homemade Shamrock Shake? It couldn’t be easier! Blend together 2 cups of vanilla ice cream with 1 ¼ cup whole milk, ¼ teaspoon mint extract, and some drops of green food coloring. Toddler and mama approved!

St. Patrick's Day To-Do List

4. To Wear: I love any excuse to dress up my boys in holiday-themed outfits and St. Patrick’s Day could not be an easier holiday for this! Green sweatpants in the closet? Perfect! Green hair bow? Easy as clipping that in! We also have a costume box that contains some treasures from St. Patrick’s Days passed that are fun to play dress up with.

St. Patrick's Day To-Do List

Put a reminder in your calendar on Sunday the 12th to look through your closets for green and gold items – that way you aren’t scrambling that morning before school. Can’t find anything? St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts are easy to find at the store! Just plan ahead.

5. To Decorate: My favorite quick, easy (and cheap!) way to put up a little decoration for a holiday is to frame a cute greeting card. I have so many extra picture frames lying around my house that this little pop of St. Patty’s Day holiday spirit cost me less than $3. I love having just a little something around my house to make the holidays feel special.

St. Patrick's Day To-Do List

6. To See: There are a lot of fun family-friendly things to do in Charleston for St. Patrick’s Day. I think this year we are going to hit up the Park Circle Block Party and Parade on Saturday March, 11th. For more event ideas, check out the Charleston Moms Blog March Event Guide!

Even if all you do to celebrate this year is eating a doughnut with green frosting, have a fun St. Patrick’s Day!

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