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Stroller Workouts with Fit Mommy Charleston

*This post is sponsored by Fit Mommy Charleston. All opinions expressed are our own.

Stroller Workouts with Fit Mommy CharlestonRecently, a few of the Charleston Moms Blog team members had the opportunity to participate in a Fit Mommy Charleston class. Fit Mommy Charleston is a stroller group fitness program for moms and children in strollers. Moms have the opportunity to do a killer workout while bonding with their little one(s) and other moms. 

The workouts incorporate cardio interval training to improve endurance, as well as full body circuit training to improve muscle tone. The program uses resistance bands and small weights. Exercises are introduced at various levels of difficulty so that moms of all fitness levels can participate! 

Stroller Workouts with Fit Mommy CharlestonThe Fit Mommy workout is designed to address the needs of postpartum women, whether you had your baby six weeks ago or five years ago! Fit Mommy Charleston’s butt kicking workouts will burn calories for weight loss, improve both posture and balance, and tone your muscles!

Once you subscribe online, your first class is free! There are a variety of plans to help you become a Fit Mommy. You can purchase a monthly unlimited plan, or purchase a five or ten Class Pass. 

At Fit Mommy Charleston, you can get your sweat on up to four times a week. On Mondays and Thursdays they meet in Mount Pleasant, and on Tuesdays and Fridays they meet on Daniel Stroller Workouts with Fit Mommy CharlestonIsland. In addition to weekly workouts, members can can also bring husbands for free on the last Saturday of each month to the FamJam Saturday Workout!

Our team had a blast participating in the class with our families and we look forward to our next class! 



Stroller Workouts with Fit Mommy Charleston

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