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The Work Nest; The Area’s First Coworking Space with Childcare!

This post is sponsored by Work Nest; all opinions expressed are our own.

Working from home can come with a slew of wonderful advantages. Making your own hours, being home for your kids, and flexibility in your schedule are just a few of the benefits. But while working from home can have amazing perks, it can also bring with it feelings of loneliness, isolation, and the lack of connection with others. We can only draw so much inspiration from technology, and we begin to miss that face to face contact with other adults. 

Enter the Work Nest

The Work Nest; The Area's First Coworking Space with Childcare!

Nesha Frazier is the founder of Work Nest, South Carolina’s first, and only, baby-friendly coworking space designed for work-from-home parents, mompreneurs, creatives, and professionals working remotely. The Work Nest was born from Nesha’s own struggles as an (occasional) work from home, breastfeeding mom of two who struggled with finding support. She felt the loneliness and occasional guilt of being a working mom and was frustrated with inflexible and unaffordable child care costs.

How it works:

Although co-working spaces are popping up more these days, you still run into the problem of childcare. This is where Work Nest stands apart from the rest of the crowd (it’s one of only about a dozen in the entire country with childcare, to really break it down for you). The concept of Work Nest is similar to a gym with childcare. except that instead of working out, you are tending to your professional life. You can work alongside other professionals at the large meeting table, or at one of the desks in the quiet room upstairs. If you need more privacy, there is also the option of renting a private room to get your work done. 

The Work Nest; The Area's First Coworking Space with Childcare!

While you’re getting your work done, your kids are in a fun, safe room with a qualified caregiver. Designed for kids from 6 weeks of age through age four, you can work uninterrupted while your kids socialize, play, and exercise their own creativity with theme-focused activities. There’s even a private nap and nursing room for those who need it, so no more running out the door to nurse in the car, or rush home for nap time. Membership is inclusive for two children, and is offered between 9 am and 5 pm, not to exceed four hours in a day. Read more here to find out some of the most frequently asked questions about childcare at the Work Nest.

The Work Nest; The Area's First Coworking Space with Childcare!

The perks of being at the Work Nest

Co-working at Work Nest combines the best of both worlds. You still have all of the flexibility of working from home, but can utilize the space at Work Nest when you’re feeling bogged down by the distractions at home, are looking for other like-minded professionals to connect with, or just need to get out of the house. Work Nest also provides free coffee, juice, and snacks, as well as free Wi-Fi, a printer, free parking, and exclusive member discounts.

The perks go beyond this, however. Nesha is creating a space where women can learn from and with each other, and find support in their professional lives. The meeting space is the perfect area to hold workshops, meetings, and seminars that will help you grow your business and expand your professional network. There’s even a plan offered for the stay-at-home-mom who just needs a break. Check out all of the membership costs and perks here

Corporate partnerships

We all know that returning to work after having a baby can be one of the most difficult times in a woman’s life. Nesha hopes to create creative solutions with corporate partners that allows organizations to retain employees, while increasing productivity and easing the ever-growing burden of the work-life balance. When people feel more productive and content with their work life and environment, this translates into a happier home life. Work Nest is a 100% woman, veteran and minority owned business. It’s designed by a parent, for parents, who understands the struggles that parents face when returning to work. 

Beyond just a co-working space

The possibilities that the Work Nest offers are limitless. It goes beyond tables and chairs and an area to do work. It’s a place where women can connect and share their ideas. Maybe you’ve just started a direct sales business and need a place to educate others and showcase your products. Maybe you need a quiet space where you can sit down with other women and share ideas about a new business venture, or learn more about how to utilize the resources in our community. Or maybe you just need a break from being at home, and need to feed your creative energy by being around others. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t need that from time to time?

At one point or another, all stay-at-home-moms have experienced the loneliness that comes along with being at home. As much as we love our children and are grateful for the time with them, we fear losing that creative spark, or the skill set that we spent so long building. And on the flip side, when you know that you must return to work shortly after having a baby, the feelings of guilt, panic, and anxiety can really peak. Nesha understands this and hopes to make these transitions easier for all.

Work Nest is opening February 5th and exclusive deals and discounts are being offered right now, so you don’t want to miss out! 

606 Old Trolley Road, Suite 102, Summerville, 29485
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The Work Nest; The Area's First Coworking Space with Childcare!

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