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This Mom’s Simple Life Pleasure…What is Yours?

It is the small and simple things in life that can bring about so much happiness. It is our routines that help make our days flow smoother. It is the people in our lives that make us smile and feel special. And for me, there is one special place and simple (well…simple being relative to the day and how you order it) little thing that does all these things.

It is the place I hope to get multiple gift cards for every holiday.

It is the place that I’ll wait twenty minutes in line to be served.

It is the place that I budget for every week, $35 weekly item on my budget line.

It is the place that I stopped every morning while I was pregnant with my daughter because after taking my first sip and having my first bite of my blueberry muffin, my daughter kicked and rejoiced just like her mommy!

It is the place that breaks my pledge to buy 100% local.

It is the place that I meet friends to catch up with.

It is the place that I often disappear to when I need a few minutes of quiet time to work.

It is the place that I make my husband stop at every time we head out for a long road trip.

It is the place that I’ll drive an extra five (or ten) miles off the interstate for.

It is the place that wins the title of “phone app most frequently used.”

It is the place that has become a very expensive addiction, because rarely does elsewhere satisfy me the way you do.

It is the drink that calms me, but at the same time perks me up.

It is the drink that is delicious extra hot, and refreshing extra iced.

It is the drink that completes my morning pastry.

It is the drink that I crave every morning (and afternoon, and sometimes in the evening).

It is the drink that I crave when I need a dose of stress reduction.

It is the drink that automatically puts a smile on my face and adds warmth to my soul.

It is the drink that I plan my morning routine around, and yes, that includes adding twenty minutes to my alarm to ensure that I have enough time to pick you up before my day turns into blissful chaos.

It is the drink that I aimlessly drive around town for, so that I can sip you while you’re hot because once I am out of the car, my mini-tornadoes have me running everywhere and it gets colder by the minute.

It is the drink that when I get it iced, I drink it before I’m even out of the parking lot—it just goes down so fast!

It is the one drink that my toddlers don’t ask to share with me—yesssss, mom win!!

This place is Starbucks, and the drink is my crave of the day latte. I’d like to think that I am a pretty basic girl. I admittedly get my hair highlighted on average twice a year, and let my roots shine throughout most of the year. I am a solid color shirt and jeans kind of girl. I don’t need new, shiny things or designer tags, but I do NEED Starbucks. Starbucks is one of the small things in my life that contributes so much, and while it may cost the price tag of a pair of designer jeans at the end of the month, it is well worth it.

As a mom, there are many things that I favor in life, but often put on the back-burner, but Starbucks isn’t one of those. In fact, it is something that I prioritize because I know the benefits it brings me, including my favorite feeling of being “super mom” until the last drop is consumed (or the belligerent tantrum because I didn’t go the “right way” happens in my back seat). My best friend, also a fellow Starbucks junkie, and I have often contemplated our latte addiction. Why doesn’t a normal cup of coffee satisfy us the same? As two penny pinching stay-at-home moms, how do we in our right mind justify spending $5 on a cup of coffee? How does waiting in a drive-thru for a cup of coffee beat our fear of possibly having our toddler meltdown in the back seat because the car isn’t moving? We’re not quite sure of the answer to any of these questions, but we are sure that Starbucks has a magical formula in their coffee that sure has us hooked.

Starbucks I adore you and can’t wait for my next cup tomorrow! Thanks for the smiles everyday!

This Mom's Simple Life Pleasure...What is Yours?

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