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Time – Where Does It Go?!

We all have the same 24 hours in each day. I’ve heard it a million times. Yet, I continue to marvel at the people who manage to “do it all.” I think those people are actually wizards who have some kind of time manipulation device, because it really seems impossible to fit everything in each day! 

Think about it:

  • Sleep – 8 hours (in theory…)
  • Getting ready for work – 1 hour
  • Driving to work – 1 hour 
  • Work – 9 hours (includes lunch hour)
  • Driving home from work – 1 hour 
  • Walking the dog – 30 min
  • Removing make up/showering/etc. – 30 minutes
  • Making/eating/cleaning up dinner – 1 hour

Okay, those things alone equals 22 hours, so we’re working with three hours here, people.

Now let’s add in a toddler:

  • Changing diapers/changing clothes – 30 min/day (conservatively)
  • Bath time – 30 minutes
  • Feeding baby/cleaning bottles – 1 hour (add more time if you’re breastfeeding)

We’re down to zero hours when we add only the true necessities. Zero hours!

The lists above didn’t even include SPENDING TIME with the toddler! 

Time – Where Does It Go?!

She’s my favorite part of my day, so other things can wait!

Now, that we’ve reached zero hours left, let’s add some other things that we want to happen, or should happen and see how many hours we really need:

  • SPENDING TIME with the toddler – at least 2 hours
  • Potential second child (add if applicable to you, my house is a one-baby home!) – 1 hour for diapers/clothes/bath time
  • Making lunches (if applicable) – 30 min
  • Kids’ activities + drive time (if applicable) – 2 hours (conservatively)
  • Going to the gym + drive time – 1-1.5 hours
  • Spending time with spouse/significant other – 1 hour
  • Laundry/cleaning the house/cat litter – 1 hour (conservatively)

Now we’re in the hole for 8.5-9 hours, and that’s if everything goes perfectly in the daily schedule. If there’s traffic on the bridge to or from work, add time. If you stay late at work, add time, if dinner time takes longer, add time. 

Isn’t it crazy when you actually add it all up??? We really need at least 32.5-33 hours in a day (more if you’re like me and want to watch Jane the Virgin or Vanderpump Rules). Now I *know* the people who manage to do it all really are wizards! Most of the people I know who manage the impossible tell me they do it by sleeping less, but with the “want-to/should-do” list filling another 8.5-9 hours, I’m not sure how much sleep they could possibly cut out to fit everything in! 

Time – Where Does It Go?!

This song title next to the time shown is so appropriate – my friends and I rarely talk as much as we hope because there’s no time! We’re all too busy!

It really is amazing (and somewhat depressing). Sadly, I have no tips to offer! But, if you find yourself running out of time, don’t be hard on yourself! Think of these lists and realize that just by completing the daily “have-to” list, you’ve completely filled your 24 hours, because there really aren’t enough hours in a day! 

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