Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Together We Can Change the Narrative

Together we can change the narrativeThings feel a little off as of late, like there is bad juju in the air. Hate crimes,
natural disasters and disheartening politics are all I see on the news and, maybe it’s just me, but lately the world just feels heavy.

In times like these, I think of our children, their innocence, and their thirst for learning. Then I think of the opportunities we as mothers have to teach them to love each other, to show compassion for those around them, and to be tolerant.

Talk to your children about differences in others. Tell them that people look different and talk different and have different beliefs and abilities. Share with them that those differences are okay. I’m not asking you to agree with people’s religious beliefs or sexual orientation or anything else that might make you uncomfortable, but I am asking you to teach your children that differences are what make each of us special.

As mothers, we have a tremendous influence on how our children view the world. Use this super power as a way to create other humans who care.

Teach those little people to make the world a better place so that when heartache happens in our city, we are surrounded by acceptance. Help me ensure that the generation we are raising have their eyes open to the world around them and to be kind to human kind.

I’m asking you as one mother to another, in the busy rush we call life, to teach tolerance and love, so this world we live in gets back to being the place our innocent minds perceived it to be when we were the ones who were so little.

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