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Top Five Best Babysitter Qualities

When I am asked to attend an event or join friends for dinner, I’m always excited about the chance to go out, but dread finding a babysitter. It seems like this is a scramble for most moms, so their willingness to share the ones they’ve vetted is like asking them to donate a kidney. I’ve tried lots of different people from many different sources, and have been lucky enough to find a handful of sitters who provide my family with care and give my children a sense of security when my husband and I are away. Whether it be for a few hours or a few days, these babysitters allow us to have time away together and time away for our jobs. They have become a big piece of the puzzle that keeps us all happy!

Here’s my top five reasons they are my go-to people for childcare:

  1. I trust your judgment! When you come over, you genuinely care about my kids and their safety first, with their happiness coming in a very close second.
  2. You are in high demand. When you are already booked, you always ask if I need help finding someone else. I appreciate that you are willing to help me out and you aren’t afraid to share business with others. Every mom knows you can’t have a babysitter list long enough, and we’ve found other great people through you.
  3. My kids really like you. After trying to get myself together with 50 million questions about why am I not wearing my pajamas, or putting on fancy shoes, I get to walk out of the house with no tears, which makes those moments away even sweeter. 
  4. You take charge. You don’t call me about someone’s nose itching, or no one wanting to go to bed. You handle the situation and tell me the highlights when we get home. 
  5. You value cleanliness. I try to clean up before you come so you don’t walk into the craziness that is our life. You return the favor by cleaning up after yourself and ensuring the kids do the same. My house and my mind thank you for the extra effort.

Seeing my favorite babysitters when we get home ensures that I can end the night on a positive note with little to nothing to worry about. For all of these reasons, these babysitters are our most trusted, well-liked, fun loving extension of our family. I always appreciate them taking care of my kids and saving my sanity!

What are the qualities that are a must-have for those who help you take care of your kids?

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