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What It’s Like Writing for a Mom’s Blog

What It's Like Writing for a Moms BlogThis month is my one year anniversary of writing for Charleston Mom’s Blog and I want to share with readers what it’s actually like to contribute to a local mom’s blog. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I applied to become a contributor. I was actually quite nervous that my posts would be very limited in the way of what topics I could write about. I tend to be a very honest writer, and I know sometimes that’s not always the best thing for readers. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The entire mom blog network is open for pretty much anything (with the exception of politics and I’m so happy for that). Most of these posts are great for everyone to read. My husband loves reading all my posts and the great ones I’ve shared with him from other moms.

As contributors, we write simply because we love it. We don’t do it to get paid, or get any special perks. We do it because we love sharing our stories, advice, frustrations, and love to everyone, especially other moms. We take time out of our busy lives to do this for others because we want to be there to help or show support for the things we all have going on.

In the grand scheme of things, it may seem simple to write one blog post a month, but for me, it always gets down to the wire due to life just being, life. If an idea hits me that I think other moms may laugh or cry about, I always try to take notes. Usually though, I just sit down with a beer at the end of the day, sometimes sad or frustrated or happy, and I just write how I feel. Believe it or not, this almost always ends in a post for the month. 

We have so many beautiful, creative, smart minds that go into these blogs. Being accepted to be part of one has been such an honor. Every time I see my posts liked or shared, it’s the most rewarding feeling. For me, being able to write and share my thoughts has immensely helped with postpartum depression, as well as helping me relax. Writing about very personal things (my own miscarriage for example) allowed me to relive something that I felt made me stronger. I cry or laugh writing almost all my posts, and truly hope that other women (and men) feel the same way when they read them as well. 

I was a public relations major in college and loved writing, but never really had the chance to pursue it or do anything creative with it. I don’t even consider myself an exemplary writer, I just consider myself real and honest. My writing is, and always will be, truthful and from my heart. It may not be sugar coated, but then again, most of life isn’t. The articles, posts, and blogs that I enjoy the most are the deep ones that I know took a lot for that mom to share. Writing about the loss of a child may have been the hardest thing for that mom to relive and share with the world, but she was able to do it and probably felt so much relief and gratitude when she got beautiful responses to it.

Being able to share and write from my heart is such a release.  I’m not saying women, or mom’s, should all go out and try to write for a blog, but I do encourage all women to write. Write your thoughts about a piece of art you see and watch how the words become a poem. Write notes to your kids and put them in their lunch boxes. Write stories to your kids to read one day when they are older and you can all look back and laugh. Write a love note to your spouse or significant other, just to let them know that they are loved. Use your voice and the words we have to better lives around you. Although neither of my kids can read yet, I still write notes to them. It’s nothing fancy and it’s usually just on a Post-It saying how my three-year-old was wild today and cried because I gave her oatmeal (when she had asked for oatmeal), but I find pleasure in writing those beautiful moments down. I love knowing that I can remind her of them one day and know that we will be laughing together.

I may not have many close friends from our moms blog group, but I know that I have a network of badass moms that are just a message away for any advice that is needed and that’s an awesome thing. It’s like having a secret posse of moms that support and care about you just because we all write and share some of the same struggles.

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