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Exploring Charleston {Mt. Pleasant} Part 1

We’re continuing our Explore Charleston series today by giving you a closer look at Mt. Pleasant and all it has to offer. Oftentimes, I can be overheard saying that I drive in circles around Mt. Pleasant all day, every day. With 3 kids, 2 schools, Ballet, Karate, errands, playdates, trips to the Pediatrician, and the essential […]

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Terrible Twos Already?!

Our almost-two-year old daughter, Avery, was a pretty amazing baby. She slept through the night very early on, took right away to breastfeeding, drinking from a bottle and trying new foods. She smiled and cooed for anyone and we were able to take her everywhere. She was a joy to have around and made the […]

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Moving With Kids

My husband and I settled in Florence, SC when we started our family years ago. However, in early 2014 things changed and we moved our family to Charleston. I loved Charleston. I spent the majority of my own childhood growing up here and I knew my family would be happy here. Unfortunately I knew the transition wasn’t going […]

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fall favorites

5 Favorite Fall Activities in Charleston

I love me some Fall. Being from Upstate New York though, there are moments when fall in Charleston makes me a bit sad.  I don’t think I am alone in this.  Fellow Northern transplants: Who’s with me?! I’m not sure whether it’s the vibrantly gorgeous leaves turning on the mountains in the backdrop, the nostalgia […]

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