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Get Ready to March For Babies!

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Holding a baby for the first time is a moment of joy many moms experience immediately after their baby is born. Unfortunately, for parents of sick or premature babies, it may be days, if not weeks, before they can embrace their baby. Premature birth affects more than 6,000 babies each year in South Carolina and many of these babies struggle to survive and may face long term health and developmental consequences. For these babies and their families, the journey following premature birth is uncertain. That’s why the March of Dimes continues working to give every baby a fighting chance. 

On April 29th, you can join hundreds of families and businesses in our community as they come together for March for Babies at Cannon Park. March for Babies raises money to prevent birth defects, premature birth and infant loss. 

Individuals, family and corporate teams can register and start an online fundraising campaign now at  Then, on April 29th March for Babies will bring all participants and sponsors together to HopeRemember and Celebrate—and to walk!

March for Babies brings hope to every mom and baby through lifesaving research, breakthroughs and programs. Mission Moments at the event let participants experience some of what babies, parents, doctors and nurses see and feel in hospitals every day.

There will be opportunities to celebrate at the Family Fun Zone and the Superhero Sprint —a mini fun run for children. There’s even an opportunity to purchase a purple cape to make every child feel like a superhero!

Walkers may remember and honor babies who did not survive in the Memory Garden.

Every step and every dollar raised at March for Babies will help more families know the joy of having a healthy baby. Find out how you can join—visit or contact Shannon Rice at [email protected] or 614-3357.  

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