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My Birth Experience with Roper St. Francis

{Disclaimer:: This post is sponsored by Roper St. Francis. All opinions are our own.}

On October 4 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy at Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital. My labor and delivery was a beautiful and memorable experience, despite the black cloud that was hanging over our heads by the name of Hurricane Matthew! Thankfully, I was in great hands.

Induction & Labor

rsf6As I made my way through the third trimester Dr. Bradford and I began discussing my birth plan. Due to a number of factors, my doctor gave me the option to be induced which my husband and I decided was best for us. My husband and I arrived at Roper St. Francis Mt. Pleasant Hospital where we were greeted by our nurse, Kelli, who began the check-in process, which was done right in our room. Kelli explained how our morning would go and got the Pitocin started. What really stood out to me about my experience was that my husband and I were never in the dark about what was happening. The staff was wonderful about communicating with us, explaining things in simple terms, and answering any questions we had. 

The pitocin got things going pretty quickly. The nurses took a very proactive approach during my labor, giving me the option to sit in a rocking chair or on a medicine ball and periodically having me change positions to help get the baby into the right position. As the contractions got stronger and closer together, I knew it was time for the epidural. The anesthesiologist was wonderful. She talked me through the entire process and eased my concerns. And let me tell you, I wanted to hug her when she was done! I felt like a new woman. The epidural worked and it worked quickly!


rsf5At around 1:30 pm I was shocked to learn that it was time to push and baby boy was coming fast! My labor with my daughter lasted 3o hours so I was not expecting things to progress so quickly this time around. I was completely caught off guard and got pretty emotional while the doctor and nurses prepped the room for delivery. This was really happening! Kelli worked me through some practice pushes and about 30 minutes later Connor was born. He was placed on my chest immediately  where we snuggled skin to skin for the next few hours. Everyone in the room was so supportive, cheering me on with every push. We were overjoyed to finally have our little boy in our arms and I was relieved that the epidural did its job and that I didn’t feel any pain. 



Postpartum Recovery

Mount Pleasant Hospital is a Baby-Friendly hospital which meant Connor stayed with us in-room during our entire stay and any tests or screenings were done in our room. A Baby-Friendly designation also means they encourage breastfeeding, which was very important to me. 

rsf3They have a lactation consultant on staff and all the nurses are lactation counselors. We had latching trouble at first and everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable of different positions and methods we could try to help the baby out. There were a few times when I felt defeated but after some time and lots of trial and error we eventually got it. Mount Pleasant Hospital also offers breastfeeding support after you return home, including monthly La Leche League meetings. I felt confident leaving the hospital knowing that I had the tools and support needed to be successful.

We stayed in the hospital for another 24 hours after Connor was born and during that time we were so well taken care of. The nurses, doctor, lactation consultant, and pediatrician were in and out of our room during our entire stay, checking in on us and making sure all our needs were met.

Hurricane Matthew 

I can’t tell my birth story without mentioning that the day we were discharged from the hospital was the day Governor Haley issued an evacuation order for South Carolina. During our stay I was constantly checking the Weather Channel for any updates on Hurricane Matthew’s path. To say I was worried was an understatement. My husband and I were so torn over what to do. We could stay and risk flooding, closed roads, damage, and power outages, or we could leave and risk getting stuck in traffic for hours, with a newborn and toddler. Ultimately we decided to drive to my in-laws’ home in North Carolina. I was nervous, panicked, and upset but the staff at Mount Pleasant Hospital was so supportive and encouraging, arming us with the things we would need to make it through our drive like extra diapers, a hand pump, and lots of words of encouragement. It was a stressful situation but we kept telling ourselves that someday it would make for a really great story.

Despite the stressful circumstances due to the weather, I feel that I had my ideal birth experience at Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital – a quick labor, a painless delivery, and a group of supportive people all around me. We are so thankful for our nurses Kelli, Lori, and Leslie who contributed to such a memorable moment in our lives!

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