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‘Twas the Night Before Motherhood

‘Twas the night before motherhood, when all through the room the nurses checked the monitors and you were still in my womb. The board highlighted our one major goal, a new precious baby with a sweet little soul. Your daddy was tucked away in his hospital chair, while I waited in boredom and thought, “How […]

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The Power of Procrastination

The Power of Procrastination

“You come from a long line of procrastinators,” my grandpa told me when I was young. I didn’t know what that word meant back then, and it might have taken me thirty years to fully comprehend and appreciate his insights, but I have embraced my destiny. I have become that mom who is always late. […]

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life without diapers

Life Without Diapers

One of my most bizarre parenting moments has been watching a human that I pushed out of my body, learning to push a poop out of his body. We are in the midst of potty training, and I’m oddly proud, extremely grossed out, and thrilled that our life with diapers has ended. My little guy […]

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