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Embracing the Journey After Lost Innocence

Embracing the Journey After Lost Innocence

Today I took a pregnancy test. And it came back with a bright blue plus sign. A more naive version of me would be rejoicing right now, especially after all the struggle and strife the last year has brought. But I just can’t bring myself there. In my pregnancy loss support group, our facilitator warned […]

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searching for answers after miscarriage

Searching For Answers After Miscarriage

January 6, 2015 started out as most other days.  I dropped my daughter off at pre-school and was planning on heading to a yoga class after my monthly prenatal doctor’s visit. I was ready to get back into a normal routine after the excitement of the holiday season and I had already started making a checklist of things that needed to […]

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an ectopic loss

An Ectopic Loss

It was our second round of IVF.  We were fresh off a month of rest and relaxation and thought for sure this would be the cycle we would get that positive pregnancy test.  At our IVF clinic, they have you do two blood tests 48 hours apart before calling you with results.  The call came […]

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Infant and Pregnancy Loss

Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness {Forever Loved, Never Forgotten}

October is recognized as National Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month. October 15th, specifically, is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Charleston Moms Blog has created a Forever Loved Wall dedicated to remembering those little lives that, however brief, made an impact. This wall will remain a permanent fixture on our site and serve a reminder of the precious […]

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Grieving with a Grateful Heart

The First Miscarriage: I was loving life. My sweet husband, our beautiful daughter, my clothing line at Belk, our new house being built. It all seemed untouchable, and it all seemed to be moving in the right direction after we discovered we were pregnant with our second. We shared the happy news with our family […]

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The Bond Between Siblings

“Three. Maybe four!” That’s the standard answer my husband and I give when asked how many kids we would like to have. Don is one of eight siblings and I am one of four. Having only one child, or even just two, has never crossed our minds. We both have happy memories of growing up in a full and busy household and envision the […]

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