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Facing cancer this christmas

Facing Cancer this Christmas

There are moments in this life that stop you in your tracks. They shift your universe and make you start evaluating everything around you. One of these moments happened to our family last month, and I am grateful that it’s given us the opportunity to look at what is important and “cut the fat” from […]

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Make Today Count

Make This Day Count

Everyday I wake up planning to go for a run. Having just completed my first half-marathon a few weeks ago, I am now considered a runner. I know my body needs exercise, but my brain can’t quite handle it. I know I should do it first thing in the morning, yet I just can’t bring […]

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hurry up and slow down

Hurry Up And Slow Down

My days are full of “hurry ups” and my years are full of “slow downs.” Hurry up and put your shoes on. Hurry up and finish your dinner. Hurry up and get dressed, finish your homework, brush your teeth. Then the day is over and I finish cleaning the kitchen, picking up the living room […]

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