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‘Twas the Night Before Motherhood

‘Twas the night before motherhood, when all through the room the nurses checked the monitors and you were still in my womb. The board highlighted our one major goal, a new precious baby with a sweet little soul. Your daddy was tucked away in his hospital chair, while I waited in boredom and thought, “How […]

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Mindfulness and the March of Time

With all the talk of Father Noel lately, I wanted to talk about another old man with a long white beard: Father Time. Often carrying an hourglass, he is the somewhat creepy personification of the constant flow of time. Otherwise known as Time Flies, the Race Against Time, Can’t We Stop Time, All in Good […]

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What happened to “It Takes A Village”?

What happened to “It Takes A Village”?

We all know that saying, “it takes a village”, mostly referring to raising kids, yet so many of us don’t actually live or practice what that saying actually means.  In many other countries, that ‘village’ is real, and they take care of each other and raise one anothers’ children. Many rural areas (not in the […]

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Letting go of perfection

Letting Go of Perfection

The battle of perfection constantly wages in me and pulls at the corner of my heart. It is one of those things that I have to be constantly aware of, because when I least expect it, the desire for perfection can bubble up.  During the holidays, my dream of perfection often tries to re-surface. Whether […]

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Together we can change the narrative

Together We Can Change the Narrative

Things feel a little off as of late, like there is bad juju in the air. Hate crimes, natural disasters and disheartening politics are all I see on the news and, maybe it’s just me, but lately the world just feels heavy. In times like these, I think of our children, their innocence, and their […]

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