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Mindfulness and the March of Time

With all the talk of Father Noel lately, I wanted to talk about another old man with a long white beard: Father Time. Often carrying an hourglass, he is the somewhat creepy personification of the constant flow of time. Otherwise known as Time Flies, the Race Against Time, Can’t We Stop Time, All in Good […]

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The Power of Procrastination

The Power of Procrastination

“You come from a long line of procrastinators,” my grandpa told me when I was young. I didn’t know what that word meant back then, and it might have taken me thirty years to fully comprehend and appreciate his insights, but I have embraced my destiny. I have become that mom who is always late. […]

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Distracted as a mother

Distracted As A Mother

I have probably started typing this blog entry about six or seven times now, and I’m still sitting here staring at a blank page. It’s not that the ideas haven’t been flowing, because they surely have. I think at this point, I have about ten different “topics” that I’ve started to try and formulate into […]

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Time-where does it go

Time – Where Does It Go?!

We all have the same 24 hours in each day. I’ve heard it a million times. Yet, I continue to marvel at the people who manage to “do it all.” I think those people are actually wizards who have some kind of time manipulation device, because it really seems impossible to fit everything in each […]

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hurry up and slow down

Hurry Up And Slow Down

My days are full of “hurry ups” and my years are full of “slow downs.” Hurry up and put your shoes on. Hurry up and finish your dinner. Hurry up and get dressed, finish your homework, brush your teeth. Then the day is over and I finish cleaning the kitchen, picking up the living room […]

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Four Reasons to Make a Baby Book

Four Reasons Why You Should Still Make a Baby Book

Recently I was talking to some friends about working on my little one’s baby book, and I was surprised to learn how many people aren’t doing them any longer.  The primary argument against baby books seems to be that they are time-consuming and unnecessary when so many memories are already published online through Facebook, Twitter, […]

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